2020 Best of 425 – BURGER!

The Box and Burgers Eatery - Best of 425 Magazine

We want to take this time to thank all of our amazing fans for voting us “Best of 425 – Burger” in 2020 and our staff for all their hard work and love that they put in day after day. If you have ever wondered how our burgers came to be… it has quite a history. As many of you know, we started off in 2011 as The Box Asian Fusion Food Truck serving baos, karaage, and kalbi. Our menu and concept was very foreign back then and many would walk pass us and line up at the burger trucks. We had 3 guests in line, they had 25+. We thought, darn, should have went with a burger concept! But after a couple years, we started building a following and because of all our wonderful supporters, we were able to open a brick and mortar restaurant 2 years ago. We knew we had to expand our limited food truck menu so we thought… BURGERS!!!! But of course, to stay true to our concept… we added Asian Fusion Burgers.

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