The Box Selected as One of Seattle’s Must-Have Food Truck Dishes

Pork Belly Hum Bao

Recently, the website Eater asked readers to name the one food truck dish they couldn’t live without, and the tipline and comments were flooded with responses. The suggestions ran the gamut from desserts, to spam sliders, to fish tacos to the amazing dish from the little known truck you might never have heard of. Yeah, that one.

The Box on Wheels has been selected as one of 21 food trucks with big props to the pork belly hum bao and savory-sweet chicken karaage dishes.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Affordable Asian cuisine is what The Box is all about. Based in Kirkland, it’s a lunch truck and catering company led by Reis Llaneza, formerly of Yarrow Bay Grill and Flo. What got props on this list is the pork belly hum bao ($2.75): slow braised in soy and mirin topped with a fresh slaw, served on a Chinese steamed bun. The Box’s crispy savory-sweet karaage chicken also gets a shout out.

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